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Government of Goa intends to accelerate infrastructure development in the State on Public Private Partnership basis. Public Private Partnerships offer a unique and innovative method of involving the private sector in the nation building activity and in accelerating the delivery of public goods and services of high quality through joint enterprises, without spreading the limited available resources too thin. In order to sustain the high annual growth rate, Public Private Partnership (PPP) will be an attractive option in meeting the challenge. PPP envisages long term concession agreement defining partnership roles and responsibility including sharing of risk between public and private sector. Private sector participation in PPP projects requires a framework that can enable the private sector to secure a reasonable return at manageable risk, assure the user of adequate service quality at an affordable cost and facilitate the Government in procuring value for public money

Encourage private sector involvement in public infrastructure and related services where value for money for the Government could be clearly demonstratedEncourage innovation in the provision of infrastructure and related service deliveryEncourage rigorous governance over the selection of projects and competition for the award of contractsClearly articulate accountability for outcomes

Dr. Pramod Sawant,
Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa


Shri Sanjay Goel , IAS
Secretary PPP


Shri. Harish Adconkar,
Director PPP